Saturday, August 13, 2016

How to Stay Out of Jail

I've been in the bail bonds service business a long time and I've seen and heard it all.  Hi. My name is Sal and I make my living getting people out of the slammer.  With that said you may be wondering why I'm writing an article about how to avoid jail all together.  The truth is, I've witnessed first hand the irreversible destruction an arrest and jail time has on a family and on this community.  It's heartbreaking, really.  So, I've had enough. Enough of the sleepless nights, the crime scenes, and the jail visits.  I'm leaving the bail bondsman gig and starting a self help and life coach business.  With my experience, you too can stay out of jail for good.  Take my advice seriously- it could very well change the entire course of your life.


Study and take school seriously.  School is the building blocks of your future and without it you're going to need a bail bonding agent on speed dial.  Go to school, be on time and get good grades.  Yes, I know you're Spanish 101 class is boring, but you need the credits to graduate.  Once you graduate high school go to college.  Set big dreams and even bigger life goals.  If you want to be bail agent, you'll need to major in criminal justice.  Getting a good education means you will be developing critical thinking skills that will help you make the right choices throughout life. Making the right choices will almost guarantee you will never set foot inside a jail cell and never have to call a bail bondsman for help. School will also keep you so busy you will not have time to get into trouble or break the law.  When I was in law school to become a bail bonding agent, I studied 17 hours a day and slept the other hours away. There was no time to party or break the law.  Stay busy and you'll never need a bail bondsman in your life.

Follow the Law

Laws are created for very specific reason: to keep you and the public safe. Don't run a red light or you may crash into another car.  Stay within the posted speed limit or you may loose control of your car.  See what I'm getting at here? Log onto the state law portal and become familiar with the specific laws in your community.  Laws vary from county to county and state to state, so make sure you check the updates online often.  Or if you need the cliff notes, you can always call your local bail bonding business.  That reminds me of one time in my bail bondsman days when an old lady called me from the slammer looking for help.  Her name was Helen and she was under arrest for allowing her tiny Italian Greyhound to ride on her lap while driving down Main Street.  In this particular small town, driving with a dog on your lap is a punishable offense.  Who knew? Long story short, Helen only spent two nights behind bars and then I was able to post her bond.  That is perhaps one of the most random law I've ever heard in my time as a bail bonding agent. 

Alcohol, Drugs and Bad Decisions

Taking a spontaneous road trip after a night of heavy drinking is never a good idea.  And if that's your version of fun than perhaps you should go to jail.  As a bail bonding agent for more than 40 years, I can personally tell you alcohol and drugs play a big role in how likely someone will go to jail.  Being under the influence of a controlled substance makes people do stupid things- like egg the house belonging to the chief of police.   Yep, I bailed a young man out of jail once for that very crime.  The bottom line is, if you're going to drink and party don't make stupid decisions.  In fact, maybe it's best just not to drink or do drugs all together.  The majority of my clients have substance abuse problems and it's keeping them behind bars.  If you do have a serious problem with alcohol, get help. 

Staying out of jail is really easy, once you put your mind to it.  Stay in school, get a good job and make really good choices.  I may be putting a few bail bonding agents out of jail with this unfiltered advice and that's fine by me. Fewer prisoners mean this world is a better place.

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